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"Improve Your Overall Health, Well-Being, and Waistline by Overcoming Your Addiction to Cooked Food...

0...I Guarantee It'll Be Fast, Easy, and Fun!"

Roger Haeske
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If you'd like to experience the life changing benefits of eating a 100% Raw Food Diet, but thought it was too difficult, or you want better results from your current raw food diet, then this might be the most important information you'll ever read.

Here's why:

The Raw Food Diet Success System gives you psychological and nutrition secrets, along with the expert coaching and feedback that is crucial to succeeding at staying 100% raw. You'll also learn about the Optimal Raw Food Diet, the easiest, least time-consuming and nutritionally complete, raw food diet, adapted for living in the modern world.


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Be sure to read this whole website, including the testimonials, as there are many valuable tips to going 100% raw, included throughout this website and the testimonials.

Do you have these questions or problems?

1. Have you heard about the amazing health benefits of eating a raw food diet, but thought eating raw was going to be boring? 

2. Have you tried a raw food diet and couldn't stick with it? 

3. Are you having trouble staying 100% raw?

4. Are you afraid of eating fruit because you've heard of the "so-called" dangers of eating sugar or carbohydrates?

Here's a hint: you only have to be concerned with your blood sugar levels. Most fresh ripe fruits are low to medium level foods on the Glycemic Index. There is another factor that has a much worse affect on your blood sugar levels than fruit and most raw foodists overeat this kind of food.

5. Is your love for pizza, Thai, Chinese, or Italian food, Hamburgers, French Fries, barbecue, donuts, Doritos, fresh bread and other traditional foods holding you back from being successful on a raw diet?

6. Is it better to go completely raw right away, or to do it gradually? How much depends on the condition or health of that particular person?

7. Are you sick of the time-consuming effort of having to sprout, dehydrate and ferment your foods and wonder if this is really natural, healthy or even necessary?

8. Have you been eating 100% raw for over a year and not feeling as good as you expected?

9. Are you worried about meeting your nutritional needs on a raw food diet? Can you get enough protein from fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds? Don't we need complex carbohydrates from bread. potatoes and starchy food for long-lasting energy? How can I get enough vitamin D and B12?

10. How do you stay warm in the wintertime without hot foods? Are raw foodists cold in the wintertime? (Quick answer: No)

These questions and many others are answered in the Raw Food Diet Success System. My goal is your health and happiness. You'll not only get the latest information about the raw food diet, you'll also get coaching and support from Raw Food Health and Motivation Expert, Roger Haeske. That's me, in case you didn't know.

Here's A Partial Testimonial From One Of My Satisfied Clients
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"I Lost 25 Pounds... In Under 6 Months"

March 13, 2006

I lost 25 pounds going on the Optimal Raw Foods Diet in under 6 months. This was extra weight that I couldn't lose after my pregnancy. My daughter is 9 years old! The weight seemed to effortlessly come off and I haven't felt so good in years.

Cathy Breshears
Manipura Yoga Studio
Kirkland, Washington

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Here's a quick rundown of what you get by joining the Raw Food Diet Success System:

You get expert online coaching, access to a full library of Natural Hygiene and Raw and Living foods books, audio interviews of world renowned raw food experts, motivational special reports, easy 10-minute recipes and raw food preparation principles and loads of information to help you succeed at doing the Optimal Raw Food Diet.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical -- that's normal and healthy. So, let me give you three good reasons why I can back up what I claim:

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Three Reasons to Believe What I Say

Reason one: I have gotten amazing results by switching to a raw food diet. However, I've had my share of trials and tribulations with this diet. I've been eating and researching the raw food diet for 10 years. From 1996 till 2001, I failed at going 100% raw at least 5 times. I still ate the majority of my diet as raw, but going 100% and maintaining it was a challenge.

I've also had things go wrong and wish I had never made those kinds of experiments. I should have listened to the experts, but that was confusing, as the opinions of the experts differed so much. I was filled with misinformation, even though I've read extensively about nutrition since the early 80's.

I've done all the experimenting, so you don't have to. I've also learned from the mistakes of many of the raw food pioneers who had to figure most of this stuff out through their own experiments. Experimenting with your diet can be a dangerous thing. Sometimes you can develop health-related problems that are difficult to reverse but you won't know it until after your experiment.

Don't think you can safely eat any raw food and still stay healthy. There is a right way and a wrong way to eat raw. Yes, individuals do have to make adjustments to their diet. It's not because we are all different, but because we come to the raw diet in different states of health.

Quite frankly, most of us have done tremendous damage to our bodies and a one-size fits all recommendation doesn't work. However, as raw foodists get healthier they should be working towards eating the Optimal Raw Food Diet that I and other top leaders in the raw food field recommend.

Taking supplements can also be dangerous. I know, I've done extensive experimentation with supplements, and sometimes I got results that damaged my health. When it comes to supplementation, you have to be very careful. For the most part, they did more harm than good.

Virtually all the nutrients you need are available in abundance by eating a whole food, raw Vegan diet. In fact, there is no supplement that can pack the hundreds of thousands of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients and other unknown nutrients that are only in whole plant foods.

In addition, most nutrients won't work unless combined with 8 to 10 or more other nutrients. Nevertheless, supplements are useful in certain instances and should not be completely ruled out.

Reason two: My experience and background: I am an Author, Radiant Health Coach, Peak Performance Expert and creator of the Raw Health and Happiness Society Support Groups of New York and New Jersey.

I am not a doctor or even a certified nutritionist. I have, however, studied nutrition, health and fitness for over 20 years. I've also studied extensively and worked with Dr. Douglas Graham, Prof. Rozalind Gruben and Loren Lockman. They are in my opinion, amongst the top raw food educators in the world.

I know about the amazing health benefits of a raw food diet from my own experiences, and those of my coaching clients, friends and the hundreds of raw foodists I've met. The results of eating 100% raw, for the long term, are truly life-changing.

In leading my meetings, attending other support group meetings, and my contact with people via the Internet, I have seen all the problems that can come up with people going raw. I've also attended the workshops and lectures by the top raw food experts in the world. I've been thoroughly exposed to every raw food diet philosophy and tried most of them.

Over 5,000 people have downloaded my Special Report: The Awesome Technique on transitioning to a 100% raw food diet. I've answered the questions of many of these people and of the people who have been to my site I am also the co-moderator of the largest raw food group on Yahoo with over 1,000 members:

By the way, a problem with Yahoo raw food forum is that there are many competing theories on what kind of raw diet to eat. At our Yahoo Group, we allow anything related to raw foods.

However, at the Raw Food Diet Success Society forums, you'll be getting information that supports eating the Optimal Raw Food Diet. You won't be scared off by all sorts of conflicting and false theories. One of the keys to success is to stick with a healthy raw diet and study it until you have mastered it. Once you're stable with your raw diet, you can start researching other theories for your own edification. Trust me -- if you mix theories you may never get to being 100% raw. This mistake held me back for many years.

I've also seen amazing story after amazing story. There are so many instances of miraculous healing, weight loss, overcoming depression, migraine relief, and even an increased spiritual awareness. When you see people getting better from so many so-called incurable diseases, it gives you quite a bit of confidence in the effectiveness of eating raw foods.

Another skill I bring to the table is my experience in the field of Peak Performance and Self-Improvement. In 1999, I created This site has provided thousands of people from around the world with a variety of special reports that have helped them realize that they are spiritual beings with an infinite potential for happiness and success.

I've also authored a 4-Week Online Seminar called "Your Hidden Power," on how to tap into your full, yet hidden potential. It will show you how to motivate yourself to do the raw diet or anything else you'd like to achieve. You'll discover creative techniques to help you BELIEVE in whatever goal you are trying to achieve. You'll learn how to instantly tap into your personal Magic Genie and access resources you never knew you had access to. This e-Class is a $297 value in itself. You'll get all the course materials by becoming a member of our private site but I won't be giving you feedback specifically dealing with the course.

I've also authored a number of powerful special reports that will help you improve your life. I sell them separately at my website and I'll tell you more about them later.

I've also written the book, Infinite Tennis, it is all about helping tennis players, and athletes to reach their full potential by freeing their minds and getting into the zone. You can adapt and apply these techniques to your daily life and to succeeding at a 100% raw food diet.

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Reason three: You will get the advice of the best and most experienced experts on the raw food diet in the world. Imagine listening to expert advice from Dr. Douglas N. Graham, and Prof. Rozalind Gruben.

I've done at least 3 hours of interviews with Dr. Douglas Graham and Professor Rozalind Gruben. You can download these interviews as mp3 files, and listen to them on your computer or mp3 player. Dr. Graham's CD's sell for $25, and I have at least 3 CD's worth of material for you to listen to. One tape is entitled "Fruit or Fat", where Dr. Graham answers my questions related to eating fruit and fat on a raw food diet. He explains the dangers of eating excessive fat, even if they are raw fats. Raw fats are much healthier but even too much raw fat can give you health problems. I know this from personal experience. Just because it's raw doesn't mean you should eat it in excess.

Another interview I did with Professor Gruben is called "Raw Confidence." In it I ask her questions that commonly come up when people are learning about a raw food diet. You'll get her very precise, technical and scientifically based answers. Do you wonder about getting enough protein or B12? She covers all of these commonly asked questions in great detail and you'll gain the absolute confidence that eating 100% raw is the way to go.

By joining our private site, you'll get the accumulated experience of the best thinkers from the fields of raw food and Natural Hygiene.

You'll be able to download these classic books: "Toxemia Explained", by J.H. Tilden M.D. "Rational Fasting -- the original version", by Professor Arnold Ehret "The Royal Road to Health", by C.A. Tyrrell

You'll also have access to a whole library of raw food and health-related books. Dr. Herbert Shelton, the modern day founder of Natural Hygiene, has four books here -- as well as Ross Horne, Johnny Lovewisdom, Arnold Ehret, Luigi Cornaro and J.R. Trall. In total, you have access to at least 33 books related to raw food and health maintenance. There are several book on fasting and even books on Iridology.

Amazing Benefits of the Optimal Raw Food Diet

Rapid Weight Loss: 
  • "Guaranteed to lose all the weight you want, while eating as much food as you want. Then you'll level out at a very healthy weight, with exceptionally low body fat." This technique has worked for thousands of people. I lost 23 pounds of fat with this diet. I know someone who was 295 pounds -- a year later he is 150 pounds. He said that his only problem is that he still overeats. Imagine that, he overeats and he still lost 145 pounds in one year.
  • Some people will still have to eat moderately to lose weight successfully. The Optimal Raw Diet is the ideal weight loss diet. 
  • I'm friends with a woman who lost over 100 pounds while eating 100% raw, but she falls into the slow-weight-loser category. A client of mine has a hypothyroid condition and she also lost weight by eating the Optimal Raw Food Diet. Everyone can get to their ideal weight. (For some it takes a little longer than others.)

Disease Prevention and Super Health:

  • Anti-Aging: Look, feel, act and move as if you were years younger
  • Many diseases and illnesses have been healed within a relatively short period of time. You may never need to go to a doctor again. Think of all the money you'll save on doctor bills. Some of the diseases that have been documented to be cured by raw foods include Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Depression, Arthritis, Asthma, Colitis, Psoriasis and too many others to list here.
  • Clear up all sinus problems and start breathing incredibly deep and satisfying breaths. Great for athletes
  • Many have improved their eyesight and thrown out their glasses
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Become much more resistant to colds, flues and bio-terrorism.
  • Eliminate Infections naturally without antibiotics.
  • Dramatically strengthen your Immune System, or more accurately your Defense System
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Eliminate your allergies

Super Athletic Performance:

  • Experience increased energy levels
  • Clear up all sinus problems and start breathing incredibly deep and satisfying breaths. Great for athletes
  • Get in Good Athletic Shape without Working Out: Increase your Aerobic Fitness
  • Dramatically lower your body fat. Less weight means increased athletic efficiency and performance
  • Quickly recover from Workouts: Less lactic acid buildup.
  • Lower your pulse rate
  • Decrease physical injuries due to exercise
  • Play sports more competitively at a much older age
  • Acquire incredible physical endurance
  • Increase your Agility
  • Increase your Reaction Speed
  • Develop Greater Strength
  • Increase your Tolerance to Heat -- I love the heat and in summer time I feel 10 degrees cooler than I used to. It's an unbelievable competitive advantage on hot and humid days. I don't even need air-conditioning unless it is over 98 degrees and high humidity. So I'm saving money on my electricity costs as well.
Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Health:
  • Feel vibrantly happy from the cellular level
  • Overcome laziness and get much more work done. The Optimal Raw Food Diet has made many people more efficient simply because they feel like working. They are enjoying their lives more than ever and their thinking is crystal-clear. It opens up new levels of energy for achievement of your most important goals.
  • I used to feel lazy and not want to work. What I didn't realize was that this was due to my body not running on all cylinders. This in turn will make you FEEL like a million bucks because you are able to achieve at a new level.
  • Dramatically increase your level of spiritual awareness
  • Increase your creativity and intelligence
  • Defeat Depression and Moodiness
  • Eliminate Mental Fog
  • Save time by not having to prepare fancy meals.
  • Save money -- you may never need to go to the doctor again or take expensive vitamin supplements. This could save you thousands of dollars per year.
  • You'll need less sleep or function better with less sleep
  • Save money on air conditioning, see above under the athletic benefits.
  • Overcome laziness and get much more work done
  • Earn more money because of your superior energy, endurance, mental clarity and intelligence
  • Become smarter, and more creative
  • Experience increased energy levels
  • You'll need less sleep
  • Work longer hours -- because you can stand on your feet much longer without fatigue
Better Sex Life:
  • Longer lasting erections for men. This diet increases your circulation and that applies to all body parts.
  • Overcome impotence: "Meat-eaters are likely to become impotent because of damage caused to the artery system that supplies their penis with the blood that causes an erection.19 Erectile dysfunction is more often seen in men with elevated cholesterol levels20 and high levels of LDL "bad" cholesterol21- both conditions related to habitual meat-eating." From article written by Dr. John McDougall.
  • You'll smell much better and therefore be more attractive to your partner.
  • You'll look better, younger and all that fat will fall off you. You'll be lean and healthy and that is very attractive to the opposite sex.
  • Eating a raw diet is the best environmentally for the planet.  Fruit trees give the highest yield of any food for the space it takes up. This means much more food grown in much less space.  
  • Dramatically reduce the need for packaging and therefore polluting the environment.  
  • Very little need for makeup, deodorants and soaps. You are clean and beautiful now from the inside.  
  • No animals have to die or be fed to keep you alive. 90% of all the grain crops in the United States are fed to the animals. Imagine how many more fruit trees we could be growing.  
  • Save energy because you don't cook anymore, you won't need air-conditioning nearly as much. I haven't used air-conditioning in my home for the last couple of years.
Some Reasons you'll want to immediately join the Raw Food Diet Success Society:

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1. Discover the seven easy tricks to making it easy to stay 100% raw. 

2. Learn the quickest way to overcome the physical addiction to cooked food. 

3. Why going 100% raw gives 10 times as many benefits as going 90% raw. 

4. Learn how a simple shift in mental focus will diminish cravings for cooked food by 90%.

5. Gain the confidence that all of your nutrient needs are abundantly met by a raw food diet in Prof. Rozalind Graham's audio interview.

6. Raw Food Myths Revealed:

A. Are you afraid of eating sweet fruit, but really want to? Do you think it's bad to have a sweet tooth? Have the studies you read about sugar making cancer cells grow made you fear eating fruit? Or maybe you've read a list of health problems associated with eating sugar. As you'll learn, this doesn't apply to fruit.Refined sugar is bad for you, but in the form of fruit it is our ideal food.

In the Raw Food Diet Success System, you'll learn to look at things from a more complete viewpoint, and you'll see that the people who do best and who can stay on a 100% raw food diet, do it mostly by eating fruit. If these problems were true then the other primates wouldn't be eating fruit either. 

B. The body responds very differently to the kinds of sugars that come in whole fruits. If a person is relatively healthy, they'll do just fine eating fruits. The real culprit is usually something else in the diet that causes the real problem, elevated blood sugar levels. Most sweet fruit is low to medium on the Glycemic Index. Eating fruit gives a low rise in blood sugar levels compared to starchy and refined carbohydrates. 

C. There are health conditions where eating anything isn't a good idea. That is a time when doing a supervised water fast would be the best choice. 

7. How to handle social eating situations with ease. Go out to dinner with your friends, go to parties. A raw diet doesn't limit you socially in any way. Have all the fun you want and more.  

8. Why our natural frugivorous (primarily, though not exclusively, fruit based) diet brings us the greatest health and happiness.

My life is actually much more fun and enjoyable since going raw. You are missing out on many good times if you aren't experiencing the radiant health and happiness that a raw diet can bring you.  

9. How most people can quickly heal their Candida problem by eating an Optimal Raw Food Diet. 

10. Discover our ideal diet with extensive physiological, anatomical, historical and experiential evidence to prove it. 

11. Audio interviews with Dr. Douglas Graham, Prof. Rozalind Gruben and more experts to come.


12. Special Reports on improving your health and fitness that are selling on my other websites. You also get access to my new ebook, Think and Go Raw. "Discover the 33 Techniques and the Mental Mindset You Need to Succeed at Staying 100% Raw, Long-term."

This is currently selling for $24.97 on it's own. But if you join today, you will get this ebook included in your membership.

13. Learn all of the pitfalls of a raw food diet and how you can avoid them. 

14. Discover why the statement: "If it is raw, it is healthy," is untrue and dangerous to your health. 

A. Learn why certain so-called health foods can actually cause brain damage and decrease mental and athletic functioning. 

B. Discover the list of foods that even in their raw state should not be consumed on a regular basis. (Heck, I even cheat sometimes. The key is to eat the correct way most of the time.) As long as you are conscious of the consequences of your choices. At this point, I really enjoy eating simply. Once you get over the addictions, you'll actually prefer to eat simply. Your body will reject the dehydrated, fragmented and processed raw food preparations. 

15. By overcoming all of your food addictions, you tend to give up your other addictive behaviors as well. You start to want to live in harmony with the goals of the "Inner You". 

16. Overcoming your cooked food addictions makes you feel free. You get such an inner feeling of peace. You no longer can be swayed by the attractions of restaurants, fast foods and candy. You won't want them anymore. 

17. You'll learn how to develop what I call, "Gourmet Taste Buds" so that simple foods and mono meals taste fantastic. 

18. Learn non-invasive techniques to measure your health status. You can use these instead of taking blood tests to help you determine your level of health. 

19. Try the quick, delicious, well-combined and healthy recipe secrets for meals that can be made in under ten minutes. (This is for your transition period; eventually you'll want to give up most recipes. It could take a few months to several years of eating raw, for you to make this transition. It is up to you. (However, you will get the best results by trying to follow nature as closely as possible.) 

20. You can workout very soon after eating because digestion of fruit is so quick. Sometimes I do a medium difficulty work out right after dinner and feel no ill effects. Basically you wont need to waste a few hours recovering from eating your meal. You just eat and go. This translates into being more productive and getting more work done. I used to feel mentally and physically exhausted after lunch, but that isn't the case anymore. My mind now functions with absolute clarity because I haven't poisoned myself with cooked foods.

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You'll get the latest information on raw food nutrition.

I don't treat diet like a religion. It has to work first. I do extensive research and I provide you with that information either on the site directly or by supplying you with the links. Every day I search the net, read books and studies for the latest nutrition and health related information and I pass on the most relevant findings to you. Much of this research is outside of raw food nutrition so that I can help bring you the complete picture.

There are several things I had to change to optimize my raw food diet. I've discovered things that some of the authors don't want to tell you. I don't stick to any one philosophy. I stick to whatever gives the best results. What I teach is very similar to Natural Hygiene. I just look for the best health results and try to follow nature as closely as possible. I also make adaptations for eating in the modern world.

No matter how much evidence there is for you to believe what you believe, you have to face reality if a problem comes up. We just don't know all the details of what our ideal diet is. We also don't live in nature. Most of us have been eating a horrible cooked, processed and meat-loaded diet for years. This can have an affect on what is ideal for us.

The Raw Food Diet Success Society will help to guide you in the right direction. The raw diet is actually fairly easy to do. But you have to know how to do it right. And even more important, most people won't succeed with books alone. You need interaction with people who are 100% raw.

"Warning: Do NOT buy any Raw Food Diet Books or information unless it meets the following 5 criteria."

There is a lot of confusion surrounding raw foods and nutrition in general. Here are five criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any health program you buy.

Number One: Results, not Religion, are what count.

There are some Raw Food Diet educators out there who treat the raw food diet as a religion. It can be dangerous to your health if you also take this attitude.

I've been around many raw foodists long enough to hear about health problems, including death by holding fast to a diet that was no longer working for them. Fruit-only diets can be dangerous and should be done with caution, if at all.

I've studied under the top raw food teachers in the world. There isn't one that I completely agree with. There are always higher levels of truth when it comes to the many unknowns of diet, and I am constantly researching them for you. Some of the things being taught are either incomplete or are actually false. Some things only apply to really sick people. Sometimes these raw food leaders lose common sense and focus on a small area of science but forget the big picture. Remember there are always higher levels of truth and so what I teach will not stick to any one philosophy. My only philosophy is to get the best results for my members.

Number Two: The Raw Food Diet you eat must provide all of your nutrient needs.

This is a complex issue. Suffice it to say that for 99.9% of the history of humans, we didn't even know about vitamins and minerals. We ate instinctively and our senses of taste and smell guided us as to what to eat.

But we also lived closer to nature, out in the wild and up until 10,000 years ago were gatherers with limited success at hunting. But we have eaten animal foods and insects for quite a long time.

We also know that there are no completely Vegan primates, even the bonobo apes (like chimpanzees but genetically closer to us) eat small mammals, insects and other kinds of animal foods. We can get virtually all of our nutrient needs met by eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. However to play it safe, I do recommend taking a B12 supplement. There is much new information in regards to this and, in this instance, it is safer to supplement than not. You can also have frequent blood tests, but I'd rather just play it safe and supplement in this one instance.

Fairly serious damage can accrue rather quickly by the body producing high homocysteine levels when it's b12 levels get too low.

Number Three: Support groups usually meet at most once a week and often only once a month.

One of the reasons I created the Raw Food Diet Success Society was to provide an inexpensive way for Raw Foodists to get professional coaching and support whenever they needed it. This is due to the amazing power of the Internet.

No longer are you limited to a book. A book can't answer your questions, fears and doubts. The Internet provides interactivity.

With our online coaching forums, you'll be able to get great advice from experienced 100% raw foodists.

This isn't like many of the free forums where you'll get all sorts of conflicting advice. This conflicting and often false advice is what holds people back from success on a raw food diet.

Here you'll get a consistent message about the Optimal Raw Food Diet and won't get frightened off from eating raw because you'll have the right knowledge to counteract all the myths.

Number Four: Don't let anyone tell you that eating fruit is bad for you.

Humans are by design, frugivorous animals. That means we thrive on a primarily fruit-based diet. Did you know that humans are primates and that primates are the only animal that can taste sweetness and see in color? That, however, doesn't mean that you should eat only fruit. It's also important to eat plenty of greens and occasionally nuts and seeds.

As long as you are relatively healthy, then eating fruit is the best food you can eat overall. Even if the fruits have been hybridized by man, they are still better than eating cooked meat, grains or even legumes.

Since we aren't in the wild and eating wild foods, there are some adaptations that have to be made for a modern or civilized raw food diet. But that doesn't mean you should automatically shun fruit. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation and bad talk when it comes to eating fruit. You'll learn the scientific truth about this on our site. You'll discover that the healthiest, thinnest and longest-lived people all eat a high carbohydrate diet.

Much more important is to keep the levels of fatty foods low in your diet.

There are some people who have some problems with some fruit and each case should be taken on an individual basis. But even diabetics do extremely well on a low fat, high fruit, raw food diet. In fact, in 20 years Dr. Graham has gotten all of his Type II Diabetic patients off insulin.

It's the fat that will actually keep your blood sugar levels elevated for excessively long periods. Beware of the misinformation out there on this.

Number Five: The Raw Food Diet Success Society is the ONLY Raw Food Diet Program based on my unique combination of skills in the fields of raw food nutrition, psychology, peak performance, spirituality, and fitness.

You will find the psychological keys to motivate you to success, while enjoying the taste of a 100% raw food diet. You'll also love the fun and no equipment exercise techniques, I share with you. Radiant health has more components than just diet and I share those health factors with you.

You get the benefit of the best and most powerful techniques I have found in the above mentioned fields and which I have written about in my book "Infinite Tennis," and my and websites.

You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

How much is clear thinking worth to you? Do you ever experience a brain fog after eating a meal? How much more enjoyment could you get out of life by overcoming laziness? You could achieve your goals rapidly and earn much more money.

Many people are lazy simply because their cooked Standard Western Diet makes them feel that way. There are scientific studies that validate this and you can find the links to them by joining our private site.

Laziness was one of my major problems throughout my life. Once I started eating an Optimal 100% Raw Food Diet, it took away my laziness and moodiness as well. Over the course of a lifetime, this one benefit alone could be worth thousands of dollars to you in increased income and enjoyment of life. It's like getting a new and improved body and life. Your whole perspective changes because you view things with clarity, calmness and happiness.

How much is it worth to you to eliminate your depression forever? I had depression for six and a half years in one stretch of my adult life. Those years were full of daily suffering, it was a living hell. Getting out of my depression and into daily happiness has been of incalculable value. I would have given all of the money I had to get over my depression, because life is barely worth living under the condition of a diseased mind.

Even if you don't have depression, it is likely you aren't nearly as happy as you could be while eating a diet filled with cooked foods. Cooked foods have the life force and happiness literally cooked out of them. You'll know this for yourself if you are eating an Optimal Raw Food Diet.

I have met at least 20 raw foodists who have overcome depression, simply by switching to a raw food diet. One person I know was taking anti-depressants for 10 years and she was able to get off them within her first year of being 100% raw. She had to slowly wean herself off them. She also stopped needing to take her high blood pressure medication.

Just overcoming laziness, depression and moodiness could be worth thousands of dollars to you. Maybe you have spent thousands of dollars in doctor's visits, medications and surgeries to deal with these and other health problems. I can assure you that you won't need to go to the doctor nearly as often. The last time I went to a doctor was in 1996 and that is when I first started consistently eating a raw food diet. My doctor actually recommended that I read the book Fit for Life and that is what got me going on the raw food path.

What would you give to overcome your arthritis, to look 10 to 20 years younger? How about having the extra energy to exercise and play with your kids? What is it worth to you to heal your heart disease? What about curing your asthma? Do migraine headaches ruin your days? I know many people who no longer get migraines now that they're on a raw food diet.

Keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed. Not everyone receives the exact same health benefits from an Optimal Raw Food Diet. Also, not all health conditions heal as a result of switching to a raw food diet. But you will certainly be much healthier and happier than before.

A raw diet and fasting are the closest things to a panacea or a cure-all that I know of. Virtually every major disease, including cancer has been healed or improved as the result of implementing a raw diet and/or fasting. I have met many of these people. Virtually every disease that medical science claims incurable, actually can be cured.

It's not so much the raw foods healing your body; it's the amazing recuperative powers of your body that heals itself, when given the correct conditions. Fasting is another area that we address on the Raw Food Diet Success Society website. Fasting is one-step beyond a raw diet, when it comes to healing. It allows the body as complete a rest as possible so that it can direct all of its energies toward healing.

Overcoming disease is not the only thing the raw diet will do for you. It will also improve your sex life. Men can forget about being impotent. The optimal raw food diet will dramatically increase your circulation and therefore increase your performance. I also know some men who have even claimed that their penises have increased in size.

The raw food diet will also improve your performance in sports. It has made dramatic differences for me. It's increased my endurance. My lungs have cleared out all of their excess mucus and, for the first time in my adult life, I am able to breathe very deep breaths. My breathing has been so improved that I can now jog with my mouth closed and breathe through my nose. Every breath I take these days is a deep one that makes me happy just to be alive. You've probably heard about all the amazing benefits of deep breathing; with the Optimal Raw Food Diet, I developed this natural deep and satisfying breathing without "working on my breathing."

Sports nutritionist Dr. Douglas N. Graham has worked with professional and Olympic athletes and improved their performances while on a 100% raw food diet. Dr. Graham claims that virtually every aspect of fitness improves on a raw food diet. Another thing that dramatically improved for me was my speed on the tennis court. I think it was because my body was no longer digesting heavy and miscombined cooked food meals.

Digestion takes up the most energy in the body, and by eating a raw diet, you can dramatically lower your digestive load, freeing up energy to do other things.

How much do you think this might be worth to you now? I think the benefits of going raw are literally worth over a million dollars in the course of a lifetime. It will dramatically improve your life and state of happiness in so many ways. It's a life rebirth and revolution and is worth the initial difficulties until you get to the point where it becomes easy and there is no struggle involved at all.

Many people need to sleep less on a raw food diet. This is one benefit that has not fully happened to me. What has happened is that when I do have less sleep I can get through the day now without being cranky. I can handle it much better because I feel better. Of course, getting enough sleep and rest for your individual needs is an important component of health.

I know some people who need an average of two fewer hours per night of sleep. In a year's time, if you needed one hour less of sleep per night, you would gain an extra 15.2 days in that year. Isn't that amazing?

One of the other wonderful areas of benefit is that you'll naturally be more in tune spiritually. It's as if your body is charged with a new electrical vibration. You are also more in tune with nature as well. My anger level has gone way down and so has that of many other people. I think people are so psychotic these days because they are living inside tormented and poisoned bodies.

You'll be a new person once you go 100% raw. For the best raw results, you must eat an optimal raw food diet. So even if you are 100% raw and haven't felt the best you could, then you need to find out what I and other raw food experts can share with you on our amazing members-only website.

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I've purposely kept the prices very low so that I can reach as many people out there as possible. Once we start getting too many members to handle, the prices will go up as I have to expand the staff.

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