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Should you eat according to your blood type?

Dear Friend,

If I could give one resource to family or friends who want to improve their health, it would be volume 2, issue number 3, of Just Eat an Apple, raw food magazine. This issue is jam packed with information showing you how to do an Optimal Raw Food Diet.

You can get your own copies to share with family members and friends from this link.

You also will get three other great issues of Just East an Apple, plus Frederic Patenaude's books "Raw Secrets," "Raw Soups, Salads, and Smoothies," and 36 Tips to Succeed on a Raw Food or Vegan Diet."


A few years ago I got this very special issue of Just Eat an Apple Magazine. I loved just about every article in it. It is the perfect guide to show new people how to eat the raw diet correctly. It teaches what I call, The Optimal Raw Food Diet.

This issue also discusses, in a logical manner, some controversial issues in the raw food and holistic healing community. One article I liked very much was, "A New Look at Colon Hydrotherapy." by Loren Lockman. In the article, Loren discusses why he doesn't use colonics and what he believes happens to you when you get a colonic.

Another controversial article was "The Blood Type Diet on Trial," compiled by Frederic Patenaude. I'm going to be reviewing that article, further down the page and also giving you similar information about that diet, that I found in Dr. Fuhrman's book, "Eat to Live."

There's also a fantastic article on deficiencies by Albert Mosseri. Dr. Douglas Graham writes a myth busting article, "What You Should Know about Raw Fat." "Is One Man's Food, Another Man's Poison?" by Albert Mosseri.

Then there's another great article called, "Supplements, Should You or Shouldn't You," by Mary Ziolo and there is, "What is our Natural Diet?" by Dover Clifton.

I think of this issue more as a great book, rather than a magazine. It will show you how to eat raw in the easiest and most healthy way I know of. The articles are as valid today as when they were written.


Should you eat according to your blood type?

I find it interesting that we are the only species on the planet that has to eat according to their blood type. At least that is what Peter D'Adamo would have you believe in his book, "Eat Right for Your Type."

If you had to follow that diet and you were a Type O blood type you would be forced to eat meat, to have great health according to D'Adamo. I've found several people, who are Type O blood types who are successful, long-term, vegan, raw foodists.

If I followed Ayurveda's recommendations, I'd still be eating cooked foods to this day. As I am a Vata body type and they supposedly need hot foods to thrive. I've found most of these body type diet books and systems, simply don't apply to someone who has gone 100% raw.

Are there any vegetarian lions, or meat eating rabbits? All the animals in a species will eat the same types of foods in the wild. There is some variation, but meat eaters don't become vegetarians. Omnivores continue to eat a variety of foods; they don't all of a sudden, start eating vegetables only.

Humans are frugivorous by design. This means our natural diet is predominantly fruit, but not exclusively. We also do well with easily digested vegetables. Some nuts and seeds are ok in small quantities.

We are clever enough to eat other kinds of foods and we can survive on them. But do we thrive while eating meat or cooked foods? I think you know the answer to that. I certainly think these are less than ideal foods.

A very interesting point in Frederic's article is that chimpanzees and gorillas also have the A,B,O blood types and that there is DNA evidence that humans have had these different blood types for 5 million years.

D'Adamo claims that certain blood types evolved with the introduction of agriculture 10,000 years ago. His evidence for this is severely lacking.

He also seems to favor the Type O or meat eating blood type people. Here's an interesting quote that Frederic attributes to Dr. Michael Klapper in his discussion of the problems with the blood type diet, "...the epitome of focus, drive... "hardy and strong, fueled by a high protein diet" (is he describing a Type O "master race"?), he paints the "more vegetarian" Type A as submissive tofu eaters, "biologically predisposed to heart disease, cancer and diabetes." (p. 97).

"He paints Type A's with personalities "...poorly suited for the intense, high-pressured leadership positions at which Type 0's excel." (p. 142), stating that, in pressure situations, people with Type A blood "tend to unravel" and "become anxious and paranoid, taking everything personally."

Another great point in the article is the discussion of Dr. Klapper of why some people seem to fail at eating a vegan diet and how to properly handle that situation. The insights are incredible. The same theory I believe applies to raw foodists. Some people simply need a longer transition time to allow their body to get used to handling different nutrients.

If you are a Type A blood type D'Adamo claims that drinking coffee and red wine is good for you. That is clearly, very dangerous and bad advice as these are toxic to all humans.

His recommendations on what types of fruit certain blood types are allowed to eat aren't backed up by any science. It appears that much of his information was simply made up.

Dr. Fuhrman came to a similar conclusion in his book, 'Eat to live." Here is a quote,

"I tried hard to be fair to D'Adamo because I know there is some evidence in the scientific literature that genetics and even blood type can predispose one to certain illnesses, such as heart attacks and some cancers, but his claims are so ridiculous that it leaves me with no choice but to be amazed that he could actually make such mind-boggling claims without supporting documentation or scientific studies. Furthermore, in reviewing the references mentioned in this book, he did not include even a small fraction of the hundreds of studies performed on this subject by scientists in the past thirty years. All the major studies I found documenting the relationship between blood type and disease were surprisingly missing."

Here's another quote from "Eat to Live." "D'Adamo's book mixes some interesting factual information about blood types with a whole lot of far-fetched assertions that have no basis in fact. Most of them are just plain wrong."

Finally, a quote from Dr. Fuhrman in regards to the risk of getting heart disease and cancer and what blood type has to do with it.

"When considering all the genetic risk factors together, we must conclude that environmental influences on atherosclerosis are much stronger than the genetic ones. Even if we combined all the genetic influences and stratified the risk of heart disease or cancer in individuals in a more accurate way than blood type alone, we would still find that environmental factors are more important. Cholesterol levels, body-weight, smoking, physical activity, food choices, and blood pressure have been shown to have a much stronger influence on disease risk than blood grouping."

There is much more supporting information in this article and in Dr. Fuhrman's book. I hope I have at least made you aware that "Eat for Your Blood Type Diet," isn't all it's cracked up to be.


I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of this great issue of Just Eat an Apple and share it with your friends and family members. You can get this issue, plus three other issues, "Raw Soups, Salads and Smoothies and the book "Raw Secrets," by Frederic Patenaude.

Frederic's book "Raw Secrets," is the main part of this package that you get. It is just about the only raw book I know of, that tells you how to do an Optimal Raw Food Diet. It's a great book and it shows you many of the pitfalls that a beginning raw foodist runs into and how to avoid them. I highly recommend this book and all the bonuses he's included with it.

Please remember to share that Just Eat an Apple issue and "Raw Secrets" with friends and family members. It can change their lives and it can change your life as well. Just go to this link and you can get this valuable health and raw food information.



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