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Roger Haeske
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Hi, this is Roger Haeske of I want to help you succeed with something that has improved virtually every area of my life, the Raw Food Diet. Eating raw has healed me of six and a half years of the emotional torture of depression. I no longer have arthritis, a receding gum line and a lifetime of moodiness.

The raw diet has also allowed me for the first time to breathe deep and invigorating breaths through my nose, I no longer experience mental fog after a meal and a number of other ailments have vanished. The diet has revolutionized my life athletically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I want you to experience this life transformation and not have to go through five years of struggling to figure out how to make it work like I did.

Today, in this audio, I'm going to share with you, several valuable techniques to help you succeed with the Optimal Raw Food Diet.

Most people when they first hear of going raw can't imagine giving up their favorite cooked foods. Even though the benefits of going raw far surpass any other diet in existence, many people never succeed at overcoming their addiction to cooked food.

I'm going to show you the three key reasons people fail to stay raw and the main factor virtually all successful raw foodists have in common. If you can overcome these obstacles, going raw is actually pretty easy. Much of the problem is really just your perceptions and beliefs. Today I'll help you to shift some of those false perceptions and beliefs.

The first and main reason people have a hard time succeeding at going raw is that they believe they prefer the taste of cooked food. Think about this, if you really loved the way all-raw food tastes and just hated anything that was cooked, how hard would it be for you to eat and stick to a raw food diet?

I think it would be easy to stay raw, especially if you believe you are getting all the nutrients you need by eating a raw food diet. By the way, that happens to be the second reason people fail to succeed at going raw. They somehow get the idea that they aren't getting enough nutrients or that the raw food diet is deficient or even dangerous in some way.

But let me get back to discussing the first reason. The first obstacle people have is that they are as addicted to cooked food as an alcoholic is to alcohol. Make no mistake about it, cooked food is addictive and there are many forces in place, including your own mind that don't want you to switch to a raw food diet.

Therefore we must find an effective way to overcome cooked food addiction. There's really only one way to do this, you must completely eliminate cooked food from your diet. Pay attention to what I just said. You must completely eliminate cooked food from your diet. Once you do this, staying raw is actually much easier.

I know what you're thinking, I could never do that for the rest of my life. You see food, taste and emotions are intricately linked together. When I think of a certain taste or flavor, instantly emotions that I associate with that taste follow.

Eating is a deeply emotional issue and it's harder to change people's diets than their religion. But it's not that tricky, if you know what you are doing and you get good support. Thousands of people have succeeded at eating and maintaining a 100% raw food diet for many years. I've met people doing it over 30 and 40 years.

Just so you know, eating only raw foods is quite easy for me now. I no longer need willpower to stay raw. After six months being raw, it was very easy to maintain. It's a habit like anything else and I just do it. I'm not constantly fighting myself not to go out to my favorite Thai Food Restaurant or even to Wendy's. I enjoy the way I eat and I hardly ever even think about eating cooked food. I'm no longer interested in it.

You can get to this point as well, but the only way to get to where it's no struggle to eat raw food is to give up cooked food completely. Don't worry; I have a great strategy to deal with this problem of giving up cooked food.

Tell yourself, I'm committed to going 100% raw for the next 30 days. After 30 days if I feel like it, I can eat cooked food again. Cooked food will always be around, so it's good to let yourself know that you can go back to it. Some people will break under the initial strain if they feel they can never go back to cooked food. This is a good psychological trick.

Actually, I prefer to get people to commit to two months 100% raw and then say the above, but 30 days is a great start and you'll have developed many new habits and dropped your cooked food habits for an entire month.

After 30 days, you'll likely find that you don’t want to go back to cooked food. Your body will actually reject cooked food. You might even try a cooked meal, but you'd likely feel so terrible afterwards, that you'd think twice before ever putting what really amounts to poison, in your body again.

Once you get past the first day of eating all raw, things start to get easier. Then once you hit the first week, it's even easier still, then the first month gets even easier. Each month and each year after that, it becomes easier and easier to stay raw, as long as you are doing the diet correctly.

You'll end up loving what you eat and although you may never hate the taste of cooked food, you love raw food now so much that you don't miss cooked food. Heck, I get to eat dessert all day long and it's actually healthy for me. At dinnertime, I make all sorts of delicious and hearty meals for myself. The other night I even made Raw Thai Food recipe called Pad Thai and I absolutely loved it. You'll be surprised at all the delicious foods you can eat on a raw food diet. Food is actually much more enjoyable and tasty in its raw state.

Therefore, the next tip is to learn and practice preparing at least three raw food recipes you love, before you decide to go 100% raw. If you love what you're eating, it's really quite easy to stay raw. Members of have access to two great raw food recipe resources including the ebook version of "Instant Raw Sensations," by Frederic Patenaude and we have our very own raw food recipe forum.

There are many quick, hearty and delicious recipes and these dishes are designed specifically for the Optimal Raw Food Diet. Most of the other raw recipe books on the market are super high in fat in 95% of their recipes. The recipes I give you are hearty and delicious low fat alternatives. Yes, you can eat a low fat diet and love the way it tastes, if you eat the right foods and have the right recipes.

Once you get those recipes down any time you like, you can whip up food you really enjoy, in about 10 minutes or so. My Thai Food recipe (which you get as a member) actually took me about 20 minutes to make, but almost everything else I prepare takes me less than ten minutes. Really it's much easier to go raw, than you may have thought.

You'll soon learn from your experiences how much healthier and more energetic you are, when eating only raw foods and you'll naturally want to stay away from cooked foods, so you don't miss out on this glorious new life, you've created for yourself.

In my audio course, "Your First 30 Days Raw," which you get if you join this website, I explain the importance of this 30 day period and I give several powerful strategies to help you get through this 30 day period without struggle and with little willpower. You also get my ebook, "Your Raw Power Unleashed," in this ebook, I provide you with 33 psychological and dietary strategies to help you succeed at going raw.

If you haven't noticed I've already given you several success strategies and the major pitfalls of switching to a raw food diet. Please rewind or listen again if these tips didn't sink in. Much of it has to do with my raw food mindset. A raw foodist thinks differently. This is what you'll have to pick up to be successful at staying raw and enjoying it.

Let me go back to the second key reason people fail when trying to go raw. Eating raw seems to make sense, but then you start thinking, am I really getting enough protein on this diet. Or maybe you even heard some former raw foodists claiming that eating a raw diet doesn't work in the long term. You might even believe that you aren't getting all of your essential fatty acids or enough minerals on a raw food diet.

All I can say is these notions are completely wrong. The key is doing the raw food diet correctly. It wasn't until recently that a couple of raw food pioneers figured out how to do the raw food diet correctly for the long term. Once you eat a variety of fruit and lots of leafy green vegetables and other mineral rich foods, you should be the absolute last person worrying about your nutritional needs.

The only thing I supplement for is Vitamin B12. This is not necessarily an inherent deficiency of the raw food diet, but more having to do with how we grow our foods and our generally antiseptic lifestyles. If we lived out in nature, we'd likely have our B12 needs adequately met on a raw vegan diet as well. B12 is actually created by bacteria and not by animals.

Members of get an hour-long interview with raw food nutrition expert Prof. Rozalind Gruben Graham. The interview is called "Raw Confidence," and in it she shows you how all of our nutrient needs are being met by eating a variety of raw foods. I've been eating 100% raw for five years now, you'd think by now I'd be falling apart if my nutrient needs weren't being met, but I feel better than ever and have more muscle than ever.

By the way, eating an Optimal Raw Diet is actually the ideal natural bodybuilding diet because it makes you lean and at the same time, you can build as big muscles as you want. There's absolutely no need to supplement with excess protein on a raw food diet, as you get abundant and undamaged protein in the only form your body can use it, amino acids.

I also have a free audio interview for you on this very website with Dr. Tim Trader in which he covers many raw food nutritional myths. So I urge you to listen to that great resource. In short, every one of our nutrient needs are perfectly met by going on an optimal raw food diet and making sure to follow the other health requirements.

Many raw foodists and especially fruitarians have failed in the past by not consuming enough mineral rich, leafy vegetables. It's very important to consume the equivalent of at least one head of romaine lettuce per day in terms of vegetable matter. You can eat a head of celery, or lots of cucumbers or all of those in a single day.

Also stay away from dried fruit as they cause many raw foodists to have problems with their teeth. But I can tell you my teeth and gums are the best they've been in years and I haven't been to a dentist in at least ten years. I used to have a receding gum line and would get infections in my mouth all the time. Eating Optimal Raw and good oral hygiene is all it takes to have super healthy teeth and gums.

Now let's go over the third key reason people tend to fail on a raw food diet. It's the social and family life aspect of it. When people first consider going raw, they naturally assume it's going to kill their social life because so many of life's activities revolve around food. They're also worried about what their spouse will say, what parents will say or even friends.

Don't worry, it's not a problem. Once you've been raw for a few months and can easily stick to eating raw, there is no problem going to cooked food restaurants with your friends or parties where cooked food will be served.

My raw food mentor Joel Brody goes out to eat with his cooked food friends all the time. He lives in NYC and is always meeting lots of Italians and people from all over the world. Sometimes he takes them to raw restaurants, but other times he goes with them to cooked restaurants. He also goes to luxurious and extravagant parties where the richest types of foods are served, but he just sticks to eating the garnish and the fruit.

You can have as much of a social life as you want; it's not a problem. All you have to do is to order a large salad and make sure your food server understands your needs. Another strategy is to bring along an extra avocado to add to any salad you get. Or to eat before you go out with your friends. That way if there's only a small salad available, it won't be difficult for you to stay raw.

I don't recommend going out to cooked food restaurants in your early stages of transitioning to the raw lifestyle, but later on, it will be easy for you to do if you are prepared ahead of time. If you're too hungry you lose discrimination and may eat just about anything. So make sure to eat ahead of time and or bring lots of raw food with you wherever you go.

I once went to a Thai Food Restaurant with my friends and I ordered a selection of raw vegetables that they had spread throughout different recipes in their menu. I just told them to give me those vegetables before they cook them. You see even in a cooked food restaurant they often start out with the raw foods and then they cook them.

I also prepared ahead of time a spicy raw pate dish that I brought with me. So when I was done with the salad I ate the pate. The funny thing was how slow my friends were moving, but I was full of energy because I ate a raw meal and they ate a cooked meal that almost knocked them out.

Ok then, so I covered for you the three key reasons people fail to succeed on a raw food diet and gave you several strategies to deal with each of those reasons.

Now let me tell you what I've found the number one key to success is in being successful with eating a raw food diet. I know this because I've founded my own raw food support group, The Raw Health and Happiness Society that meets in NYC every Monday night. I've also attended other raw food support group meetings for years and I was able to see which people succeeded and which people didn't.

After a while it became very obvious which people were succeeding and which weren't. The people who attended the meetings every week, were the ones who were able to stay raw. The people who only came occasionally, usually didn't manage to continue staying raw.

So the number one success principle is getting constant expert support. I was lucky in that I became friends with an experienced raw foodist, my friend and raw mentor, Joel Brody, who I met at a raw food support group meeting. He ended up guiding me and constantly encouraging me to take the long trip into New York City to listen to all sorts of famous raw food leaders speak.

I actually needed a positive brainwashing, because I had so many false ideas that were holding me back. I needed to develop the mindset of a raw foodist and that wasn't possible by just reading books. I had to immerse myself in the raw food world.

It's sort of like learning a foreign language. The best way is to go to a place where you only speak that language. Just learning from books and even teachers is never enough. You have to immerse yourself in the language.

That is exactly what I had to do with raw food eating. Once I had enough exposure and the right ideas lifted all of my misconceptions about raw food nutrition, only then was I able to stay raw for the long term.

I've seen the same thing with people at my coaching website The people who are active participants in the forum are much more likely to succeed at staying raw.

Now this doesn’t guarantee immediate and permanent success, there are other factors, but this is a really big one. People have so many false ideas about nutrition and it takes quite a bit of exposure to the raw food mindset before these faulty ideas start to evaporate permanently.

Having a community of people who support you and think like you is vitally important. Getting your questions answered by a raw food coaching expert is vitally important as well.

Here's what you can do to get that support. You can get a very affordable membership at But even if you don't want to do that option, there are other easy things you can do.

For one thing, find and start attending local raw food support group meetings. Hopefully you can find a group that supports an Optimal Raw Food Diet like my group in NYC.

Otherwise, you can create your own support group. You'd be surprised how many people are interested in raw foods. Once you start promoting the group, people start just start finding you; it's amazing. Until I started my group in New Jersey I had no idea how many raw foodists and people interested in raw foods there were in New Jersey, but there were many. You just have to go out and find them.

Or find a good raw food support group online. Please be very careful which group you chose, as most groups can end up doing more to scare you off the diet than to keep you on it.

The problem with these groups is that you get bombarded with all sorts of different raw food theories. This just doesn't work for someone new to raw foods; it gets very confusing. You have to follow only one program at a time. This is why it took me five years to succeed at staying raw. I was mixing and matching programs and I just didn't have the expert support at first. My raw food coaching forum has hundreds of friendly members who want to support you in the healthy raw food lifestyle.

So there you have it. The main reason people fail to succeed is a lack of expert support. You can easily and affordably get that expert support and much more, from me, for only 21 cents a day, if you sign up for the yearly membership at Almost everyone should be able to afford that.

You get one year of being able to ask me questions through our member's only forum plus all the raw food ebooks, audio interviews with raw food experts and access to lots of quick, delicious and easy raw food recipes. is your recipe for raw food and health success.

Have a great day and good bye for now. This is Roger Haeske.


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